Adler 2006

The resort city of Adler on the Black Sea hosts two Russian Checkers Championship Finals - separate for men and women.

82 best players, who passed several layers of competition, are now in round 5, while 32 women are in round 4.
Yesterday they had separate blitz tournaments - the winners were D. Zinman (men) and E. Bushueva (women).
Blitz (5 minute games) tournaments are very popular in Russia and they always attract a lot of players.

In the main tournament Dimitriy Zinman won all four of his matches - he is ahead of the large group with three wins.

Two of his games with comments of the former World Champion Yury Korolev (unfortunately in Russian)

They use a Russian program Aurora Borealis that is very similar to Tdam - it too can be used to record Pool games but apparantly it also can play and analyse. Read Shotgun's review on the main site