Aron Zlobinskiy is writing "Kuperman-64" book

Six years ago at the 2000 APCA tournament in Columbus, Ohio I witnessed a remarkable account of a game where Kuperman lost via a fantastic shot. The reason I use the verb "witness" is because it was an inspired performance by unknown to me player who knew the story by heart, every word, every gesture, every emotion was obviously well rehearsed by countless performances. It was a pleasure to watch and I would be happy to hear it again or to see the story published on internet. If any of you know this person can you ask him to share the story with us, to make it a part of the Pool Checkers history.

Talking about history. You all know Mr. Aron Zlobinskiy whose lessons on website caused many players to buy their first computer and who took over Kaplan' students at the Brooklyn club. Mr. Zlobinskiy is first and foremost a renown checker scholar, author of many checkers books.

Aron called me recently - Mr. Kuperman' sudden death interrupted the work on the book about another great player, Boris Blinder. Mr. Blinder was yet another brilliant player from Kiev, Ukraine. There were four Kiev's geniuses of that era - Kuperman, Kaplan, Kogan and Blinder - each of them was a Russian champion, each wrote great books, each revolutionized the game, and each left a rich heritage.

Mr. Zlobinskiy, who is also from Kiev - in fact he was a close friend and co-author in many of their books, asked me to relay his request to the Pool Checkers community, to help him collect Pool games Iser Kuperman played, the stories, the memories, the pictures.

As I said - Mr. Zlobinskiy interrupted all his other activities to start the work on the book about Kuperman, specifically his small board periods.

Yes  - Iser Kuperman is mainly known as the 6 times World Champion on the big board - but his small board achievements more than a half a century ago were just as impressive. Mr. Zlobinskiy already has a preliminary book title "Kuperman - 64" where he will examine some of the greatest games in Russian Checkers. Pool Checkers and Brazilian Checkers games will be there as well, as an addendum. After all, Iser Kuperman turned to them at the end of his life, but even at that age his game was phenomenal.

So please, contact Mr. Zlobinskiy at as soon as possible, share your memories with his Russian audience.

Jake Kacher
September 8, 2006


Recently I received an email from one of the players "suggesting" Mr. Zlobinskiy writes this book in English.
I enquired why would a book about Russian Checkers and addressed to Russian players be written in English?
To his credit the player responded saying
it would be better for Pool players to read in English.
But why is it better for the book to reach 20 Pool players instead of 2,000 Russian players?
Because Kaplan wrote in English.
Kaplan lost a lot of money on each of his books, and the books were about Pool Checkers and they were addressed to Pool players. Why would you deny Russians their piece of history, to learn about their greatest player, his legacy?
Well, let him write in both Russian and English. He can find someone to translate it for him.
There won't be any Pool games analyses - no one responded to Mr. Zlobinskiy's plea for help, to send him Kuperman's Pool games. (Well - I did send him my Tdam analysis of the Faal - Kuperman game, the one I futilely tried to involve players to analyse on their own). So why would Mr. Zlobinskiy go to all this effort and sacrifice for those who would not help him in the least?

I do not know who this player was as he did not name himself but must commend him for engaging in the conversation, not running away or blowing his head off. A conversation is what's needed, good discussions, not just passive observing.