Momodou Faal

Don’t be surprised Jake. I still have a lot to learn about computers. I also really got into checkers lest than ten years ago. I still don’t have anyone to teach me pool checkers, or its history in the area that I live in. I depend on you and others that live more that 500 miles away from me for information. I have received help from players all over. You, Shotgun and Pecan have been very helpful to me and many others through the computer. I appreciate your sharing. I say keep up the great work.

I don’t recall seeing Buster Smith before, had never heard of Baba Sy. I couldn’t find Momodou Faal.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Moochie,

You are doing a great job learning and searching. Learning computers is an unending task, where many people just refuse even to start. Yet others (like our players) do learn - they just need to let other people know if they got stuck on something. It might be the simplest thing, but it does not feel that simple to the one struggling with it. You do ask and are getting better and better at asking precise questions. Keep up the good job!

Jake Kacher

The Momodou Faal's picture is on the first page

Baba Sy - Faal, Suikertoernooi, December 20th 1972